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Ayurveda Low Testosterone Treatment in Men

Ayurveda Low Testosterone Treatment in Men

Introduction to Low Testosterone For Men:



Ayurveda Low testosterone in men or male hypogonadism is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough of the testosterone that plays a key role in masculine growth and development enough sperm production or both.

Ayurveda Low Testosterone Treatment in Male:

Ayurveda low testosterone treatment is planned based on the causative factor; Ayurveda has a special branch called vajiKarna. Vajikarana Promotes sexual capacity and resolves health conditions by improving the physical and psychological health of the individual with a positive result by improving testosterone levels. Vajikarana Therapy has changes in the diet and lifestyle and herbal medications to treat low testosterone in men. 

Ayurveda Remedies for Low Testosterone in Men:

Herbal Remedies: Ayurveda offers a range of herbal remedies for low testosterone levels. Some of the commonly used herbs include Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Gokshura, Kapikachu, Safed Musli, and Shatavari. These herbs are known to improve overall sexual function, increase libido, and boost energy levels, which can help balance testosterone levels.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Low Testosterone in Men:


  • Acts as vajikarana by Improving blood circulation, metabolism, and strength by preventing fatigue and impotency according to age, treats and balances testosterone levels.


  • Increases Longevity by strengthening the reproductive muscles, boosts libido, and treats erectile dysfunction-like conditions and male infertility by treating low testosterone levels in men.


  • Gokshura improves sperm count, balances testosterone, improves blood circulation and treats erection issues.


  • Acts as an aphrodisiac by improving testosterone levels, and blood circulation, stimulating nerves, strengthening muscles, and maintaining reproductive health.


  • Kapikachu is an age-old Ayurvedic single drug used for increasing Testosterone and Dopamine levels. This single drug is widely used in treating male and female fertility and sexual problems like low libido, impotence, and other dysfunctions. In males, it improves sperm count, quality, and motility.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Reproductive:

Causes of Low Testosterone in Men:

What are the Causes of Low Testosterone in Men?

  • Problems in the testicles cause reduced testosterone production may be due to genetic disorders, testicular injury, or undescended testis.
  • Problems related to the pituitary gland that regulates testosterone production.
  • The age factor declines as age increases.
  • Chronic medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, HIV, etc.
  • Lifestyle factors include diet and lack of physical activity.
  • Medication and treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

What are the Low Testosterone Symptoms?

  • The most common low testosterone symptoms in men are a decrease in libido or sex drive. Men may experience a noticeable decline in their desire for sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue and decreased energy levels: Low testosterone symptoms in men can cause persistent fatigue and a general decrease in energy levels. This can be done through low testosterone treatment in Ayurveda.
  • Loss of muscle mass, Testosterone plays a crucial role in building and maintaining muscle mass. When levels are low, men may experience a decline in muscle mass, leading to weakness and reduced physical performance.
  • Low testosterone symptoms in men can lead to an increase in body fat, particularly in the abdominal region.
  • Testosterone influences mood and mental well-being. Low testosterone symptoms in men can contribute to mood swings, irritability, and feelings of depression.
  • Testosterone helps in maintaining bone strength and density. Low testosterone can result in a decrease in bone mineral density, which increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Low testosterone symptoms in men can disrupt normal sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or sleep disturbances.

Diet to Increase Fertility by Improving Testosterone:

  • Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially a vitamin C-rich diet improves overall physical and mental health.
  • Always have carrot, beetroot, spinach, and whole grains for the overall sexual health issues of males, especially infertility-like conditions caused due to low testosterone levels which can be treated with Ayurveda low testosterone treatment.
  • Milk and cow ghee act as Rasayana and balya to improve fertility and balance testosterone levels, healthy conditions of both body and mind.

Yoga for Low Testosterone in Men:

Yoga plays an important role in the management of hormone levels, especially testosterone levels in males and other sexual health issues. Yoga improves blood circulation to pelvic muscles, builds muscular strength, and treats, and prevents infertility by improving and balancing testosterone levels and other sexual health issues.

It helps to relax stress, and anxiety, build stamina physically, emotionally, and mentally, and maintain testosterone levels in men with consistent practice of yoga.


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