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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Problems Disorders and Diseases

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Problems Disorders and Diseases

Introduction to Sexual Problems:

Every individual feels free to go to the doctor for many diseases. But if it’s the matter of Ayurvedic Treatment For sexual Problems or diseases either in males or females, they step backward and suffer emotionally without proper treatment.

So basic knowledge of Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Problems and Disorders should be known and you should feel free to share it with your doctor.

Ayurveda herbs play a very important role in balancing the shukra dhatu imbalance, which is the cause of sexual disorders.

What are Sexual Disorders?

  • Sexual Pain Disorders: Conditions causing pain during sexual activity, including dyspareunia and vaginismus.
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It can have both physical (such as vascular issues) and psychological causes.
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE): Ejaculating sooner than desired, often before or shortly after penetration, causing distress or frustration.
  • Vaginal Dryness: Commonly associated with female sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness refers to a lack of natural lubrication in the vagina. It can result from hormonal changes, medications, or other factors and may cause discomfort during sexual activity.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Problems

Ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems by addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects. It's important to note that individual responses to treatment may vary, and consulting with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner is recommended for personalized guidance. Here are some Ayurvedic treatments and recommendations for common sexual problems:

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

  • Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogenic herb that may help reduce stress and improve overall vitality.
  • It is believed to enhance libido and improve sexual performance.


  • Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance that is believed to support sexual health.
  • It is thought to improve stamina, energy levels, and overall vitality.

Vajikarana Therapy:

  • Vajikarana is a specialized branch of Ayurveda that focuses on aphrodisiacs and sexual rejuvenation.
  • Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend specific formulations and therapies under vajikarana for sexual health.

How does Ayurveda help to treat these conditions?

Ayurveda has a special branch for sexual disease treatment that is Vajikarana, this treatment provides strength, potency, and erection problems.

  • Treatment includes administration of Vrishya medicine formulations.
  • Panchakarma treatment reduces vitiated and also treats psychological causes.
  • Rasayana aushadis is given to treat the condition.
  • Nidanaparivarjana treatment, that is to stop causative factors like smoking, alcohol, antidepressant drugs, etc
  • Proper counseling to overcome Anxiety, and depression, and to share the problem.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Sexual Problems

Ashwagandha Milk:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm milk.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey for taste.
  • Consume this before bedtime, as ashwagandha is believed to have stress-reducing and rejuvenating properties.

Dates and Ghee:

  • Soak a handful of dates in warm water for a few hours.
  • Remove the seeds and blend the dates with a teaspoon of ghee.
  • Consume this mixture daily, as dates are considered to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Saffron and Milk:

  • Soak a few strands of saffron in warm milk for about 30 minutes.
  • Consume this saffron-infused milk before bedtime.
  • Saffron is traditionally believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Garlic and Honey:

  • Crush a few garlic cloves and mix them with a teaspoon of honey.
  • Consume this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Garlic is believed to have properties that may support blood circulation.

Ayurveda Herbs Help to Treat for Sexual Problem:

  • 1) Ashwagandha boosts testosterone, reduces stress, and acts as balya.
  • 2) shilajit treats erectile dysfunction and increases sperm count.
  • 3) Shatavari acts as balya, vrishya.
  • 4) kapikacchu prevents cellular oxidative stress and improves semen quality.
  • 5) Gokshura is a good vrishya (aphrodisiac) herb, that treats erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Reproductive:

What are the Causes?

  • Obesity: Excess weight can lead to imbalances in Kapha dosha, which may affect the reproductive system and contribute to sexual issues.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Disruption in hormonal levels can be associated with Pitta and Vata imbalances, impacting reproductive functions.
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension: Both conditions may contribute to imbalances in all three doshas, affecting overall health, including sexual well-being.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Cardiovascular issues, often associated with excess heat (Pitta imbalance) or circulation problems, can impact sexual health.
  • Addiction: Substance abuse can cause imbalances in all three doshas, affecting both physical and mental well-being, including sexual function.
  • Alcohol, Smoking: Both alcohol and smoking can contribute to Pitta and Vata imbalances, affecting circulation, nervous system function, and overall vitality.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Trouble with getting or keeping an erection (Erectile Dysfunction - ED): Persistent difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual performance.
  • Problems with relationships: Sexual issues can strain relationships, leading to communication problems, emotional distance, and overall dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of sexual desire (Low Libido): Reduced interest in sexual activity, which may be influenced by physical, psychological, or relationship factors.
  • Painful intercourse: Discomfort or pain during sexual activity, which could be due to various reasons such as physical conditions, infections, or emotional factors.
  • Mood swings: Fluctuations in mood, which may be linked to hormonal imbalances, stress, or psychological factors affecting sexual well-being.
  • Anxiety: Experiencing excessive worry, fear, or nervousness, which can contribute to sexual performance anxiety and impact overall sexual health.
  • Insomnia: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, which can be associated with stress, anxiety, or hormonal imbalances that may affect sexual function.

Symptoms vary from person to person depending upon the cause, many may be struggling with unnoticed symptoms, not sharing with lots of hurdles.

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